Take a Runcation and Explore Kelantan

Kelantan state features

You may have seen the recent viral news about a bear terrorizing villagers in Kelantan. While this is a rare occurrence, Kelantan is home to a vast array of wildlife including sun bears, tigers, and civet cats. Experience an adventure in the wild with a runcation to Kelantan!

Often overlooked as a running destination, Kelantan does have some avid running and hiking groups, such as Kelantan Running Community and Team Hiking KAFA Kelantan. With its dense, wild jungles and mountainous terrain, Kelantan offers new adventures to intrepid trail runners.

Kelantan Ultras

Trans Tok Nenek – Bubu – Yong Yap (TNBYY) Ultra

This challenging ultra is located in Gua Musang, which may become a new destination for eco-tourism. As the race name implies, the 50 km route takes runners over three mountains: Mount Tok Nenek, Mount Bubu, and Mount Yong Yap. With over 20 river crossings, steep climbs, rough trails, and ever-changing weather at the mountain peaks, this race is no leisurely hike. Bring your trekking poles and windbreakers!

Kelantan mountain

About Gua Musang

Gua Musang is a small town surrounded by jungle. It’s a stop along the Jungle Railway, a popular scenic train journey. TNBYY starts at Eco R&R Lojing, which is a great starting point for jungle tourism. There are treks to see rafflesia flowers. A short drive away, you can visit orang asli villages for a cultural experience.

Gua Musang literally means civet cave, and you may have a chance to see these animals if you’re lucky! There have been tiger sightings in the area as well. And for those interested in reptiles, contact Raptor Riot Malaysia HQ to book a viewing of the exotic animals they rescue and breed.

civetsun bearmalaysian tiger

Kelantan Food

Look for these popular Kelantanese foods after your run. If any locals have specific recommendations of the best places to get them, let us know!