Have you ever wondered if ultra running is really just a totally solitary pursuit of yourself against the vast distance from the elusive finish line? You have so many questions about training, nutrition, hydration, accessories, and more for ultra road and trail running. Yet you are left to find your own way most of the time? Wouldn’t it be nice if your fellow Malaysians could share their experiences and tips on those races that you aspire to take part in one day in the future?

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The Malaysia Ultra Running Association (formerly known as Malaysian Ultra Runners Association) or MURA is a non government organization (NGO) registered in June 2014 with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies. It is an open organization with a fee-paying membership structure.  Any normal members can be nominated and elected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) subjected to the rules of the association to become the office bearers of various positions within the MURA organization.  Annual financial statements have to be audited and presented for approval at the MURA AGM. MURA aims to be an organization representing ultra runners throughout the whole of Malaysia.

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