Race evaluation surveys

race surveys

One of the objectives of MURA is to help improve the quality standard of ultra-marathon races in Malaysia to bring them to par with other countries where such races have been held for many years. This will help have more Malaysian supports local ultra races and help get Malaysia races recognised for their high standard of quality, bringing more foreigners in our races.

In line with this objective, MURA has started an evaluation program of local ultra races:

  1. MURA is running surveys for every races in Malaysia
  2. The survey will only be opened to runners for a period of 2 weeks following race completion
  3. Runners filling the survey have to buy testosterone enanthate australia identify themselves in the response to avoid fake answers, however personal data are not shared.
  4. MURA is working with the Race Directors to publish online the survey analysis (not raw data) when Race Directors are in agreement with
  5. The full data provided are anonymous and not shared with anyone outside of MURA survey team.
  6. MURA will prepare at the end of the calendar year (starting 2016) a yearly overview of feedbacks key takeaways.
  7. This yearly report is to identify trends of the year, compare with the previous years.
  8. The information in this yearly report are trending views which can be correlated to individuals or particular races.

We do believe that survey results are necessary to get an accurate view of feedbacks on races. Survey analysis results are given to Race Directors. Race Directors who then have to decide what they want to do with the results and MURA is just a 3rd party providing the survey results. We  genuinely think that all Race Directors want to make their races more successful and improve their races.

In light of this, MURA recognises that:

  1. Some Race Directors might want to engage MURA to run an official survey in order to provide them with the survey report once ready. This is totally free of any charges. Ideally the Race Director would requests their runners to go fill the survey organised by MURA, however if not, MURA would reach out to its members and followers for feedback.
  2. Some Race Directors might want to run their own survey to gather feedback. In that case MURA is giving away the PDF forms of the standard MURA surveys for the organizers to use or adapt (see below on this page). MURA is also happy to provide advices on how to run or customise the online forms if organisers lack of technical expertise in that area.

Standard forms for surveys (PDF files). We are fine tuning these over time, hence the ones below might be slightly outdated. If you need the latest ones, do email us at info@mura.com.my.

  1. Trail/Road ultra marathon – Download the form
  2. Track/Loop based ultra marathon – Download the form