We’ve been working with the following race organizers to publish the results of the surveys we conducted. A great thanks to them for agreeing to the publication of survey summary results. Some notes about how we process the data:

  1. All personal data have been stripped
  2. Entries are verified to avoid fake entries and remove any duplicate entries
  3. When we find a bogus entry like a really fake entry, we are removing them prior to analysis of the results. When in doubt, we do not remove the entry

You can find in the table below the form that was used for that race and the survey results summary when available. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at info@mura.com.my.

Race Type Year Survey
 Putrajaya 100 Miles – 50/80/100/160km Road 2015 Link Link
 UM24 – 6h/12h/24h Track 2015 Link Link
Bukit Cinta 12h Road/Loop 2015 Link N/A
 Watergate 16h Road/Loop 2016 Link Link
 24H 2016 Road/Loop 2016 Link Link