These MURA members have achieved these incredible milestones… When is your turn ? Work hard, train hard, race hard and you’ll get into this very select club… Nothing asked, you perform you get in.

Road 200+km club
Seow Kong Ng – MURA001
Victor Cheng – MURA092


Road 160km club
Chandru Skala – MURA091
Fujii Loh – MURA023


Road 100km club
Sunny Lee – MURA0121
Jerome Martinent – MURA0122


Trail 200+km club
Seow Kong Ng – MURA001
Allan Lee – MURA002


Trail 160km club
Lai Fong Sang – MURA032
Real Ho Yuenloong – MURA022


Trail 100km club
Victor Cheng – MURA092