The MURA committee currently has the following organisation structure with the current office bearers. The current committee was elected at the AGM held on December 17, 2016.

Seow Kong Ng

Jérôme Martinent

Lai Fong Sang

Ho Yuen Loong
Vice Treasurer

Sunny Lee

Jun Chan
Vice Secretary


Shen Choo
Executive Committee member

Victor Cheng
Executive Committee member

Daniel Chow
Executive Committee member

Ooi Boon Seong
Executive Committee member

The following additional roles and sub-committees have also been created:

National Liaison Jerome Martinent
E-MURA sub committee Daniel Chow, Ng Seow Kong, Jerome Martinent, Shen Choo, Ooi Boon Seong
Technical committee Lai Fong Sang, Ho Yuen Loong, Victor Cheng, Jerome Martinent
International Liaison Ng Seow Kong
Marketing Liaison Sunny Lee
Leaderboard/Scoring Sub committee Lai Fong Sang, Ho Yuen Loong, Jun Chan, Victor Cheng