MURA Membership

What does MURA do for its members ?

  1. Inform members of ultra races held in Malaysia and other countries on regular basis;
  2. Organise members to join international ultra races;
  3. Organise forums, seminars, clinics, training camps and other activities for its members on ultra running related issues like training, hydration, nutrition and diet, equipment and accessories;
  4. Liaise with local ultra-race race directors and vendors/suppliers concerning potential welfare and benefits for its members;
  5. Join and maintain membership with International Association of Ultra Runners (“IAU”), joining activities / races organized by or affiliated to IAU;

You can see below some of the events we organised for our members:

And many others in the past year:

  1. Titi 100 LSD (1 session)
  2. Route 68 Challenge LSD (2 sessions)
  3. Bukit Kiara Member’s day Trail run
  4. MURA Forum – Ultra, the Malaysian perspective
  5. MURA Forum – Ultra, the Singapore/Indonesia perspective
  6. MURA Forum – Surviving Multistage Ultras
  7. MURA Forum – The Hong Kong perspective
  8. Water station at Pink 50 Ultra