malaysia races calendar

Below is the ultra-races calendar for 2018. We are constantly updating it once we have new or more updated information about the Malaysian ultra races. You can follow the links given to go to the races website.

January12-13/Jan/2019RUN FOR IT X12 hours – 5 km/loopRoadKPAC ATHLETIC CLUBMUL Candidate Race
January13/Jan/2019BUKIT DINDING ULTRA MARATHON12 hours – 5 km/loopTrailTEAM BONKMUL Candidate Race
January19-20/Jan/2019WATERGATE 16 HOURS16 hours – 5 km/loopRoadTEAM PACATMUL Race
January26-27/Jan/201924H ULTRA24 hours – 1.35 km/loopRoadTEAM SPORTS MARKETING SDN BHDMUL Race
February16-17/Feb/2019UITM ULTRA52km & 84km – loop of 5.2kmRoadZUDDIN EVENT & PUSAT SUKAN UITMMUL Race
February24/Feb/2019BUKIT KIARA ULTRA CHALLENGE12 hours – ~6+ km/loopTrailMALAYSIA ULTRA RUNNINGMUL Race
March2-3/Mar/2019KUCHING ULTRA50km, 70km & 100km (30km)RoadGRIT EVENT MANAGEMENTMUL Race
March9-10/Mar/2019BORNEO ULTRA TRAIL MARATHON50km & 100km (9km & 30km)TrailBORNEO ULTRA TRAILS SDN BHDMUL Race
March15-17/Mar/2019TITI ULTRA50km, 100km, 200km & 250kmRoadENDURANCE NATUREMUL Race
March23-24/Mar/2019GOPENG ULTRA TRAIL50km & 100km (25km & 10km)Trail30 ASCENDMUL Race
April20-21/Apr/2019ROUTE 68 CHALLENGE50km, 100km & 168kmRoadMALAYSIA ULTRA RUNNINGMUL Race
June22-23/Jun/2019PENANG ECO 10050km, 100km & 160 Mile (30km)TrailENDURANCE NATUREMUL Race
July06-07/Jul/2019TIN MINES ENDURANCE CHALLENGE6, 12, 24 hour – 3.5 km/loopRoadELPIS EVENT MANAGEMENTMUL Race
August17/Aug/2019FRASER ULTRA70km & 100km (22km & 42km)RoadENDURANCE NATUREMUL Race
September14-15/Sept/2019THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING (TMBT)50km & 100km (7.5km, 12km & 30km)TrailBORNEO ULTRA TRAILS SDN BHDMUL Race
October12-13/Oct/2019ULTIMATE TRAILS OF PENANG (U-TOP)60km & 100km (20km & 40km)TrailENDURANCE NATUREMUL Race