Ultra Running Bootcamp – Coach #1 Lee Chun How

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Ultra Running Bootcamp – Feb 20-21 2016
One of the coach/speakers we will have is Lee Chun How. He will share with us his knowledge of nutrition in the context of endurance sports. Do register to secure your slot at the Bootcamp at . Each participant will receive a limited edition T-Shirt.

Profile of Lee Chun How:
An avid fitness enthusiast on engineering careerbreak, who keeps in shape through various physical activities. He loves anything outdoor, has been playing various sports at different level since young. Bitten by ultra-running bug fews years back, he has never looked back. “It hurt so bad but feel so good. Inexplicable! “. His life motto would be “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Chun How is an ACE certified personal trainer, Certified Run-Fit Specialist and completion with certification of multiple nutrition courses from recognised bodies.

He strongly believes that nutrition is a key component in performance and spends a lot of time researching about it. This helped him achieve: Taman Jaya 24 Hours Ultra Run 2015 – 163km, 1st, Putrajaya Duathlon 2015 – 4th, Malaysia ECO 100 2015 – 8th, Ironman Malaysia 2015 – 13 Hours 30 Minutes

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