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MURA race evaluation survey – Putrajaya 100 Miles 2015

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MURA is starting an evaluation of the ultra marathon races in Malaysia by using our members to feedback on the races. We are interested in seeing how the race was done from your point of view with the goal of helping improve the standard of races in Malaysia. The survey detailed results are only accessible for MURA and they will not be shared with race organizers or any third parties. In order to help drive quality improvements in ultra races, we want to share a statistical view of the survey (race performance) with the organisers if they are interested in it.

We are requesting all MURA members who have participated in the race to fill in the survey and provide their view of the race quality. Non MURA members can still fill the survey, however we will separate the results from MURA members and non MURA members. The survey will be opened for a period of 2 weeks, until 14/12/2015.

Thanks for your time for filling this survey !

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